clearsphere provide the ultimate onboard control for guests & crew. We work with captains, owners & shipyards to design, install & deliver bespoke lighting, entertainment, communications & climate control systems.


clearsphere offer unprecedented AV control and system integration. A single cabin controller will allow a guest full control of the cabin & their entertainment using our intuitive graphical interface.

  • networked audio & video entertainment

  • high quality streamed media

  • on board cinema rooms

  • centralised media servers

  • touchscreen & mobile device Crestron control

  • fully water proof speaker systems

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cabin control

Gone are the days of multiple controls for different systems. clearsphere seamlessly integrate lighting, blinds, climate and AV into a single intuitive cabin control touchscreen.  

  • full design & control of on board lighting systems

  • climate & environmental control

  • localised AV control

  • crew call

  • CCTV & navigation feed integration


crew systems

clearsphere’s crew systems make maintaining & managing your yacht's systems centrally easy for a yacht engineer. Designed with the crew in mind, clearsphere use world class programming to deliver control that will make a real difference to crew & guests alike.

  • whole boat lighting, climate & AV control

  • reporting & preventive maintenance

  • AMCS & remote monitoring

  • full CCTV & security control

  • crew in/out board

  • passerail

communication & networks

At the heart of any superyacht today is a fast network connection.  clearsphere design robust WAN networks that deliver exceptional bandwidth & connectivity.

  • comprehensive WAN & LAN design & configuration

  • sat-c, v-sat, pep-link & cellular services

  • on board wired & wireless network configuration

  • telephone exchange services

  • hi speed data networks


race-light systems

clearsphere offer a race-light design program for racing Swans, Wallys & spec built GP racing yachts when owners want to minimise weight while maintaining luxury. With our designs, traditional heavy wiring looms & cabling can be stripped back to achieve 80% weight savings. 

  • full race-light design program 

  • lighting 80% reduction of weight on conventional wiring looms

  • streamed video with single cat-6 cable

  • super-light, low profile hi fidelity speakers

  • 3mm flexible TV screens