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ClearSphere are multi award winning integrators, working to create bespoke intuitive control systems within the most premium residences and super yachts. 

residential control
clearsphere remotes & touch-screens designed & built for you, remove the clutter of different remotes & wall controls, so your house is elegant as well as easy to operate. A central Crestron system will become the heart of your automated home unifying your technology control into one intuitive touch screen interface allowing you to simply operate your AV, heating, lighting & security systems.

Our systems will also be integrated with your smart phones & tablets, so you can control & monitor your home over the internet.  With a smart home control system, you can switch your heating on if you are coming home from work early, switch the garage lights off while lying in bed or check your CCTV while on holiday!

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marine control
clearsphere combine marine engineering experience with highly skilled automation programming to create a contemporary marine solution for AV, lighting, climate, shades, security and remote monitoring on board the worlds prestige super-yachts.
clearsphere supply seamless onboard communication & internet delivery, networked throughout the vessel. Securely managed satellite & bonded cellular services provide complete control of the usage & bandwidth your streaming service requires at any given time.
We work closely with you to create slick, simple-to-use touch screens that control highly complex circuits so your guests can relax and enjoy their time on board.
Multiroom AV
multi room av

Our multi-room systems distribute high quality audio & video to any room in your home with intuitive interfaces delivered through Crestron touch-screens & Apple devices.

Play different content in every room from any source including radios, BluRay players, Sky Boxes, media servers & cloud based music providers such as Spotify and Netflix. Or play the same thing throughout the house when hosting a party.

We partner with the highest quality technology products, such as Bose, Bowers & Wilkins, Sonos and Kelidescape to ensure you receive an outstanding entertainment experience, hiding 

speakers in walls or ceilings for a clean uncluttered look.

cinema onboard & at home

Home cinema has come of age in recent years, with a multitude of speakers and amplifiers, but poor selection and installation can quickly turn a room into a mess of wires, speakers & black boxes.

We work with you and your interior designers to create a home cinema that fits your space, whether it's a dedicated cinema room or a dual sitting room, where projectors and screens need to disappear into the ceiling when not in use.

Conceal screens and projectors at the touch of a button.  Control everything with a single intuitive remote.  Store films on a media server for instant access and create cinema quality experience in your home while integrating speakers into cabinets and walls, or hiding them from view altogether.  


Intelligent lighting transforms the look and feel of a home. Select a mood & groups of lights will softly fade to just the right level, giving optimum lighting conditions for working, entertaining, reading or simply relaxing in front of the TV.

A simple keypad replaces a rack of fiddly dimmer knobs in a living room. A whole-home system lets you control all your lights from a single switch, so you turn the right lights on and off when you leave home, change floors or go to bed.

With a centrally controlled lighting system, you can control all your lights from a single switch or intelligent remote; instruct the system to make your house look lived in while on holiday; integrate lighting with alarms for additional security; and save energy by only using the lights you need at the power level required.

heating, a/c & bms
building management systems

clearsphere specialise in the supply and installation of Crestron based building management systems that deliver simple control and energy-efficient management of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

Crestron touch-screens offer seamless control of HVAC systems throughout the home; simply select temperature and hours of operation for each room via the intuitive touch-screen interface and Crestron does the rest, automatically managing heating and air-conditioning in the most energy efficient manner.

A Crestron system will also monitor the health of HVAC hardware, sending an email to the relevant engineer in the event of a fault.  All controlled from your remote control or smartphone.

curtains & blinds
curtains & blinds

ClearSphere supply a range of blind and curtain options including Crestron and Lutron Sivoia.  


Automated curtains & blinds enhance the ambience, privacy and security of a home, especially when integrated with a Clearsphere smart home system. With our bespoke systems, curtains and blinds can be simply operated from the Crestron touch-screens, keypads & remotes. Groups of blinds can be controlled together meaning curtains throughout the property can close with a single button press.


System can be automated so window dressings open & close automatically, altering as the time of dusk and dawn changes through the year. Electric curtains & blinds can also be integrated with a simulated occupancy program to increase security when the home is unoccupied. 

cctv & security
cctv & security

CCTV systems offer peace of mind and security. Modern systems can be accessed from both touch-screens and televisions in your home or remotely via a computer or smart phone.

Our Crestron home automation systems will integrate with Intruder alarms and fire alarms, to activate a preset lighting scheme in the event of a fire or break-in. The Crestron system can also monitor the health of security systems, reporting a fault via email to the relevant engineer in the case of system malfunction.

With security integrated into your Crestron system you can monitor the inside and outside of your home with CCTV and door-entry cameras via TVs, touch screens or your smart phone.  And for added security, recorded CCTV footage can be accessed for later use.

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