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34m Sunseeker reprogram

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

ClearSphere were called in to problem solve and upgrade an existing Crestron system. Installing the ClearSphere Graphical User Interface transformed the user experience for Owner, Guests and Crew.

From the yacht manager, "The Clearsphere boys sorted it all out swiftly and professionally (and this was a very complex install, all singing all dancing with very little accurate documentation handed over). This was a huge headache for me for the whole time but thanks to Nick and Angus it went away almost overnight. Impressive given the amount of upgrade and remedial that was carried out, not to mention a new Crestron program from scratch.

So I can promise you without any reservation that you’d be in the best of hands with Clearshpere."

For more information call or email ClearSphere we would be delighted to discuss your project


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