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An Outrageous Deck TV - That will "WOW" the Boss

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Are you missing a convenient TV for deck? It needs to be small enough to stow but a projector screen is too cumbersome and it is too bright for a projector. The boss must watch "the game" and of course must "WOW" the guests.......

LG have commercialised their 2019 concept roll up TV and it is now available. The ideal solution for a deck event on board. The screen rolls up and out from a box to present a stunning ultra-bright 4K 66" screen with 4.2ch 100W Audio.

ClearSphere are now integrating these screens with existing boat video & audio systems to create the ultimate system.

For more information call ClearSphere for options of having one of these exceptional screens fitted onboard this summer. +44(0) 345 388 4934 or email



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