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Quality Speakers for Small Spaces

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

May, 2017

ClearSphere and KEF have the answer: Introducing the Ci range of ultra thin speakers with a mounting depth of less than 36mm

Boasting the latest incarnation of the formidable 4.5in. mid/bass T Series driver & powerful 1in. tweeter, the ultra-slim new T Series Ci speakers open up new possibilities for enjoying KEF's uncompromised sound quality where installation space is at a premium.

Requiring less than 36mm of mounting depth, the Ci160TS fits snugly in very narrow ceiling or wall spaces & is therefore specified for demanding applications such as today's luxury high-rise apartments and super-premium motor yachts

Key Features
  • <36mm mounting depth allows fitment to very restricted cavities

  • Ultra-low profile LF unit with excellent bass extension

  • Vented tweeter with KEF's unique 'tangerine' waveguide for natural HF response and wide, even dispersion

  • Rigid flat diaphragm assures clean upper bass and mid-range response

  • Paintable Ultra-Thin Bezel (UTB) and magnetic grille to blend unobtrusively with décor

  • Fast, versatile installation on virtually any surface via dogleg

For a full marine spec, installation and integration contact us.


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